Arafa Company is a private owned company that was

established in 1991. It started as a grower and a producer for

the conventional products in the local market. In 2001 it

completed the cycle and started exporting the best quality of its


agricultural products.

In the early beginnings Arafa specialized in vegetables only

mainly in potato crops. But as its reputation was growing it

expanded its range of products to include both vegetables and

fruits as fresh and frozen products.

Due to the increase of the awareness for the harmful applications of pesticides and the global trend for

healthy food and environment, Arafa started in the organic field in 2015.

Arafa is known as a prominent distinct joint stock company renowned for the cultivation, packing and

exporting of fresh fruits and vegetables with a sizeable

Egyptian market share with respect to international markets specially in exporting the potatoes and

fresh and frozen vegetables.

Arafa is aiming to increase the Egyptian exporting agricultural products with respect to both quantity

and international quality standards. continuously updating it's operations, products range, and service

scope to meet the needs of the international market, as well as the maintaining its prominent presence

in the local arena.

Mission Statement:

- Study, develop and participates in the Agricultural markets through growing, supplying and

   exporting the finest agricultural crops.

- Provide the Agricultural sector with the needed growing, technical and exporting requirement that 

  comply with the international standards.

- Help protecting the environment and encourage the use of friendly environmental practices.

- Developing agricultural community services.